Get Involved!


Wondering what you can do to help Project Green Ball?

  • Hold a ball collection drive
  • Volunteer at an exhibition booths –  among other events, in past we have exhibited at USTA junior tournaments, Boston Lobsters home matches, and the International Tennis Hall of Fame Tournament
  • Place a collection box at your tennis facility
  • If you run junior USTA or other tennis tournaments donate the balls from your tourney to PGB or run a collection event like the one we ran on Global Youth Services Day
  • Donate your balls to Project Green Ball, if:
    • You are on a high school or college team and your season is over
    • You run a tennis program at a camp and the season has ended
    • You have hundreds of old balls in your hopper in your basement and can’t bring yourself to throw them out
    • You are a tournament director (any level) and you have lots of balls left after your tourney – we especially like the relationship between the Nice Côte-d’Azur Open and Operation Balle Jaune in which the balls from the tourney went straight to the FFT ball recycling program
  • You are a retailer and you want to be a collection point for Project Green Ball – reach out to us and we can figure out a way to work together
  • Volunteer your time to help us manage the website, reach out to clubs, let people know about PGB, and discover new, innovative ways to recycle tennis balls

Some of our favorite examples of action to promote Project Green Ball are:

  • The Weymouth Pack 9 Wolf Cub Scouts set out this year to earn their World Conservation badge by collecting balls for PGB. The eleven boys made collection bins that were placed in two Weymouth, MA schools. Students, teachers and school staff donated to the project. In addition, one of the scouts reached out to the South Shore YMCA Emilson branch and they donated six-hundred balls!!! All together, the boys collected approximately 700 balls!!


  • Will Appleton of Farmington, Connecticut, collected 1,300 balls as one of his Bar Mitzvah projects.  Will collected balls from Farmington Farms Racquet Club (200) and Farmington Valley Racquet Club (200) and the rest were from his tennis playing family (900). Will attends the Kingswood Oxford School in West Hartford, Connecticut and plays on the varsity tennis team there.

will appleton with balls

  • Eduardo Rosario held a Cross-Court Against Cancer Tennis Tournament in Simsbury Farms, CT, to benefit the Care Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. At the tournament, Eduardo collected balls for Project Green Ball.

edward's tournament

  • Jake Wogan collected balls from the Northeast Tennis Center for his Mitzvah project.  Jake collected balls for the USTA and Project Green Ball.  A hearty Mazel Tov is due to Jake for all his efforts!
Jake Wogan at Norteast Tennis Center collecting tennis balls for Project Green Ball

Jake Wogan at Norteast Tennis Center collecting tennis balls for Project Green Ball

  • Jacob Smalley also collected balls for his Bar Mitzvah project.  In Jacob’s words:  “For my Bar Mitzvah Project, I chose to donate to Project Green Ball. I chose to donate to this organization because tennis is one of my favorite sports, and they are using tennis balls for a good cause. I collected the tennis balls from the head of tennis at my camp. By the end of summer, they had so many dead tennis balls, and nothing to do with them. I thought it would be a great Mitzvah Project. All in all, I had collected 564 dead tennis balls, and had a lot of fun.”

Jacob Smalley and BallsReach out to us at and we can discuss ways in which you can get involved.