Tennis Courts

Tennis Balls into Cushioned Mats for Tennis Court Surfaces

Since 2013 we have been working with Ace Surfaces, Advanced Polymer Technologies, ECORE International, and HABU to develop cushioned mats with dead tennis balls for tennis court surfaces.  Project Green Ball provided over 25,000 balls  in the research and development phases of this project in order to help Ace Surfaces and Advanced Polymer Technologies perfect its ball based cushioned court system.  Ace Surfaces has recently announced its Laykold Masters 5 and Laykold Masters 8 systems using dead tennis balls in its court mat system.  In early September 2015, Ace Surfaces installed 8 cushioned tennis court in Tenafly, NJ with a shock pad that absorbs up to 10,000 recycled tennis balls in a single tennis court.

Project Green Ball participates in this innovative use of tennis balls in tennis court systems.  For every 200,000 balls which we pay for shipment to the manufacturer, a ball based court will be donated.

If you want to participate in this program, please package up your balls and and send them to The Tennis Ball Project. The balls will be recycled into the mat underlayment for cushioned court surfaces. Contributors pay the cost of the boxes for shipment and the Project pays the shipping fees. The info for shipment is available at

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