College Recycling Program

Do you play on your college tennis or club team?  If so, have you ever considered what happens with your team balls when your season ends?

We encourage you to consider joining Project Green Ball‘s college tennis recycling program. With help from Wilson Sporting Goods, the maker of NCAA official tennis ball, Project Green Ball has assisted the UC Berkeley, Boston College, University of San Francisco, Boise State and Cal Poly SLO varsity tennis teams recycle their dead balls.

Another example of a college teaming with Project Green Ball is Tufts University tennis community recycling efforts. Tufts will direct its dead balls to PGB to recyle.

tuftsIf your college team or club wants to participate in the PGB recycling program, please reach out to to discuss enrolling in the program.

In addition, in the past Project Green Ball teamed with Donovan Tennis Strategies. College coaches attending the East Coast Showcase on June 27-29, 2014 at Yale University and The DTS College Recruiting Tournament on July 19-20, 2014 at Harvard University delivered their dead tennis balls to Project Green Ball at the events.

So if you are a college coach or player, please consider contributing your dead balls to PGB.

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