Contributor Overview

Where is PGB Collecting Balls?

The short answer is everywhere!  And we need your help.

Collection bin and donor sites are in yellow.

Contributor sites are in green.


Our initial goal was to collect and recycle 200,000 tennis balls.  In August, 2014, we achieved our goal!!!  As a result of delivery of these balls to our equestrian turf manufacturer partner, IGK Equestrian, a ball-based equestrian turf was donated to The Shared Living Collaborative which operates a therapeutic riding center servicing people with disabilities or suffering from life threatening diseases.

We are currently in the process of collecting another 200,000 balls in partnership with The Tennis Ball Project. This project uses dead balls in the cushioned underlayment of tennis courts. Once we deliver 200,000 balls to this project, they will donate a surface to an organization which can benefit from a sports surface.

Please check out the all our contributors to see if your club, facility, school or program has contributed balls to PGB. If not, please have them reach out to to find out how to participate in PGB.

Contributors who give PGB more than 10,000 balls will receive a “Green Ball” certificate.  For those not versed in tennis awards, the Gold Ball is awarded by the United States Tennis Association to winners of national championships sponsored by the USTA.  In addition to Green Ball certificates, PGB intends to periodically award Green Balls for notable contributions to PGB.