Who is behind Project Green Ball?

A father and son with a problem.  We play a lot of tennis and we always have a hopper full of tennis balls.  But when those balls are dead and unplayable, it is a very sad thing to throw them in the trash and know that they will be filling up a landfill.  So one day, Ben (the son) said to Scott (the dad), there has got to be a way to recycle tennis balls.

That’s when this quixotic quest began and we considered options for laying to rest used tennis balls – crushed and stuffed into beanbag chairs (too heavy), embedded in buoys (not enough balls killed and didn’t have an interest in the industry), construction (might work if someone with technical knowledge is interested in pursuing), extracting the chemicals and reselling (not enough value), mats (maybe in the future – note Nike reuse-a-shoe and Operation Balle Jaune program), rubberized asphalt (maybe, but probably not enough balls killed)…. You get the idea – lots of trial and error.

The real breakthrough was while killing time waiting for my sister to finish up at her school.  While looking at the school’s equestrian center we noticed the turf had odd stuff in it.  Upon closer inspection we determined that stuff was pieces of rubber and different kinds of fabric.  Upon further research, we learned that every manufacturer has its own turf recipe and each seems to include rubber and fiber – exactly the ingredients included in a tennis ball – and the facilities are big, which can result in the dignified burial of lots of balls.  After a lot more hard work, we finally thought we had something.

And thence was born Project Green Ball.  The co-founders behind this enterprise are:

Outreach and Webmaster

Benjamin Soloway  graduated from the Rivers School in Weston, Massachusetts, where he captained the Varsity tennis team (for two years).  Ben is a  Junior at Haverford College in Pennsylvania majoring in Physics and minoring in Math. He plays on the  Varsity tennis team and is an ITA Scholar Athlete.

Ben is responsible for outreach to schools, camps and tennis recreational facilities and webmaster of the site.  You can reach Ben directly at if you are interested in participating in Project Green Ball.

Here is a picture of Ben on the courts at Rivers:

Ben Soloway

And here is Ben on the indoor courts at Haverford:

Benjamin Soloway at Haverford

Benjamin Soloway at Haverford

Partnerships and Strategic Relations

Scott Soloway is a lawyer representing technology companies (check out his website – there is even a tennis theme) by day and a tennis crazy by night (even slipping into the day sometimes).

Scott is responsible for partnerships and strategic relations for Project Green Ball.  If you would like to structure a partnership with Project Green Ball, you can reach out to Scott at

Here is a picture of Scott and Ben at the National Father and Son at Longwood a few years ago:

Ben and Scott at Longwood


And then there’s you!  Yes, we need your involvement.  So send us a note at and get involved!

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