Project Green Ball has many dedicated volunteers who have helped in meaningful ways spread the word about tennis ball recycling and staff our events.  Here are profiles of our volunteers:

Kayla Schwartz is Senior at Newton South High School. There she has played four years of Varsity tennis at the #1 slot, and served as captain for two years. She has also competed in USTA tournaments since the age of 8. In addition to tennis, Kayla participates in several clubs at Newton south and works part time. Kayla has helped staff Project Green Ball’s tables at various tennis tournaments and helped collect balls at her home club.

Alex Cahill plays varsity tennis for the Holliston High School girls team.  Alex collected balls from high school teams in the Tri-Valley League and staffed the Project Green Ball exhibition table at the Global Youth Service Day collection event at Brown/Billone Club in North Easton, Massachusetts.

Debbie Blaine has set up the first collection bin in Florida for Project Green Ball at the Heathrow Racket Club in Heathrow, Florida.  So far, Debbie has facilitated the donation of over 1,000 ball to PGB.

Jake Rich is a Sophomore at Manchester-Essex Regional High School. Jake loves sports of all kinds. He is an avid tennis player who played doubles for the Manchester-Essex Regional High School Varsity tennis team. Jake also plays on the Varsity golf team for Manchester-Essex and plays basketball in the winter months. He loves to ski when he is not playing basketball and gets the chance to head north for some downhill skiing. Jake resides in Manchester-By-The-Sea with his family.  Jake will help staff Project Green Ball’s exhibition booth at the Boston Lobster’s home matches.

Avery St. Sauveur is a rising junior and varsity tennis player at Manchester Essex High School, and will help staff Project Green Ball’s exhibition booth at the Boston Lobster’s home matches.

Peter Dissinger is an incoming senior at Friends’ Central School, a Quaker school located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a young child, he was encouraged by his school and his parents to participate in various community service projects and has since become a passionate volunteer at Easter Seals, a school for handicapped children, and works to mentor autistic children. In his free time, Peter enjoys playing golf and and piano. While he isn’t an avid tennis player, he has enjoyed playing the game for many years.  Peter will staff Project Green Ball’s exhibition booth at the Philadelphia Freedom’s home match on July 17.

Sydney Soloway is an eighth grader at the Dana Hall School in Wellesley, MA.  Coopted, a bit, by her bother and dad to staff PGB’s exhibition tables at the International Tennis Hall of Fame Tourney and multiple Boston Lobsters matches, Syd did an amazing job charming spectators with her warm, welcoming smile and great schpiel.  Syd is an avid squash player and is hoping to figure out a way to get squash balls included in our efforts.

Anjali Berdia is a freshman at the Holton-Arms School for girls in  Maryland. She trains at JTCC, a top USTA facility in College Park, and has started participating in National tournaments. When she heard about PGB she felt obligated to join the cause.

Erica Mazzarelli is an Andover High School Junior who plays varsity tennis on the girls tennis team. She is helping to organize a Project Green Ball collection drive, that will be among a few clubs near Andover. The drive also incorporates the Boston Lobsters because the winner of the collection drive will win tickets to a Boston Lobsters match. This drive will take place in the near future, and will hopefully collect a lot of balls for PGB!

Jill Nehrbas is a junior at the Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, PA where she is a member of the varsity tennis team and her grade’s community service representative. Jill enjoys competing in USTA tournaments and looks forward to playing in college. She will be collecting balls at her school and at tennis facilities in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Zach Schwartz attends Newton South High School where he plays at the #1 varsity singles spot. He has competed in some of the biggest USTA national tournaments around the country and has held consistent high rankings. Zach worked Project Green Ball booths at several tournaments and helped collect balls from various clubs and tournaments.

5 Responses to Volunteers

  1. courtney sansonetti says:

    Hi, I’d like to donate balls but don’t want to pay to ship them. Is there a ball collection drive in CT anytime soon? —Courtney from Stratford, CT (sansonetti@sbcglobal.net)

  2. CDuraine says:

    Looking to donate/recycle tennis balls for this cause, is there a time/place near Philadelphia, PA, D.C. or northern VA where I can drop off our old tennis balls?

  3. Thanks for your note. About how many balls do you have to donate and are you donating from an individual or club? It might be easier to discuss options via e-mail. Please feel free to reply at scott@projectgreenball.org.

  4. Paul says:

    Hi – any chance I can help you from here in Australia? Could we look at getting some of these collection bins and get the logistics in place to commence a program in this country

  5. Thanks for your message. We have our hands full in the US right now and do not have any immediate plans to expand outside the US. If you want to try to get a program going in Australia, we are happy to support you in any way we can. If you want to explore this further, please reach out to us at info@projectgreenball.org. Thanks.

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