New Milestones in Tennis Ball Recycling

In case you missed it, this past week marked two exciting milestones in tennis ball recycling.  Together with our partner, IGK Equestrian, Project Green Ball facilitated the donation of an equestrian turf to The Shared Living Collaborative (SLC) in Merrimac, MA. The turf, holding 100,000 dead tennis balls collected by Project Green Ball, will be used for therapeutic riding for people with disabilities. The SLC turf was donated by IGK as a result of an agreement between Project Green Ball and IGK that upon the delivery of 200,000 dead balls to IGK, IGK would donate a riding surface to a therapeutic riding program.  This turf represents the third installed tennis ball based riding surface.  The other two are located at the Dana Hall School in Wellesley, MA and EquiCenter in Honeoye Falls, NY and are also used for therapeutic riding.


In addition, this past week Advanced Polymer Technologies and Ace Surfaces installed 8 cushioned tennis court in Tenafly, NJ with a shock pad that absorbs up to 10,000 recycled tennis balls in a single tennis court! Project Green Ball contributed 25,000 balls to the research and development efforts for the courts.  Similar to the equestrian program for every 200,000 balls Project Green Ball contributes to the tennis court recycling program, Ace Surfaces will donate a cushioned tennis court surface or sports court to a non-profit organization.

Simon Lofts from HABU®, one of the original driving forces for recycling of old tennis balls into courts, said “this is precisely the sort of pioneering collaboration we strive for, and is needed, to achieve more sustainable resource use and recycling of these types of difficult-to-recycle products.”

In connection with PGB’s collection efforts for tennis courts, PGB is teaming with the Shared Living Collaborative to serve as a collection and staging point for the receipt of tennis balls.  Disabled persons working at SLC will receive and help store the balls until such time as the balls are delivered to the manufacturer or staging location for processing.  In return for the Shared Living Collaborative’s efforts, once 200,000 balls are shipped from SLC for tennis courts, a sports court will be donated by Ace Surfaces to the SLC.  Contributors of balls to this project will be eligible to receive a receipt from Project Green Ball for tax deductibility purposes. Project Green Ball is proud to team with the Shared Living Collaborative and Ace Surfaces to offer this unique and innovative program to provide value to people with disabilities and to help the environment at the same time.

If you have balls to drop off at the SLC, please reach out to to coordinate your drop off.

ace courtsace surfacesThanks to all our volunteers and contributors, especially Wilson Sporting Goods which facilitated the contribution of over 50,000 dead balls, The Longfellow Clubs (including the Natick Racket Club and the Longfellow Club in Wayland and the New England Academy of Tennis) which altogether contributed 50,000 balls, and the Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business which contributed 25,000 balls.  Thanks, as well, to the over 90 clubs, tennis facilities, schools and camps and hundreds of individuals who helped to make our projects a success.

The future of tennis ball recycling has never been brighter and we are proud to play a role in its founding. Please keep those balls coming and help us reach our next milestone of the collection of 400,000 balls.  As usual, you can reach out to us at with any comments or suggestions!

About Project Green Ball, Inc. (PGB)

Project Green Ball, Inc. is the voluntary product stewardship organization of the tennis industry.  PGB is a tax exempt, 501(c)(3) corporation whose mission it is to facilitate the recycling of used tennis balls. PGB supports a variety of recycling programs, some of which result in the donation of surfaces based on recycled balls to organizations servicing people with disabilities or life threatening diseases. More information is available about PGB on our website and Facebook pages (please like PGB while you are there!).

About IGK Equestrian (IGK)

IGK Equestrian located in Auburn, NY, has been manufacturing horse footing products since 2003. IGK has created the perfect dust-free riding surface for every discipline. By teaming up with Project Green Ball, IGK agreed to help recycle tennis balls, grinding them up and incorporating them into a special mix for a dust-free synthetic footing, called our Grand Slam footing (“GS”). In addition, IGK is the manufacturer of the dust free arena surfaces TruStride and LiteStride, as well as the horse stall system SuperStall.

About The Shared Living Collaborative (SLC)

The Shared Living Collaborative provides a variety of foster-care, in-home, day and residential services to children and adults with developmental disabilities primarily in the Merrimack Valley, MA area. The SLC embraces principles of sustainability, social and environmental responsibility, and holds the belief that everyone, regardless of challenges encountered, can live a productive, bountiful, and fulfilled life embedded in the community and every facet of society. The SLC strongly believes and incorporates principles and activities grounded in Eco Therapy such as Therapeutic Horseback Riding, Hippo Therapy, Equine Assisted Learning, and Carriage Driving.

About Advanced Polymer Technology (APT)

From the London Olympic stadiums to your own backyard, we provide people around the world with safe, reliable, and high-performing protective and recreational products. We continue to improve and expand our product line to keep up with the highest industry standards and, more importantly, the needs of our customers. With two ISO-certified manufacturing facilities and four global sales offices, the APT Group services the needs of the construction and chemical industries worldwide. APT utilizes its ISO 9001 Quality Management System to constantly review and improve its business procedures.

About Ace Surfaces

Ace Surfaces is revolutionizing the tennis courts you play on by creating, implementing and installing cushion shock pads using recycled tennis balls. Founded in 1993, Ace Surfaces set out to raise the standard in sporting and playing surfaces. Installing a higher quality sport surface system that considers the bodies of athletes, growing children and older tennis clientele are a large part of Ace Surfaces planning and designing of its surfaces. Quality, innovation and performance can be expected of Ace Surfaces sports surfaces, whether it be a tennis court, basketball court, futsal court or any sport surface installation.

About HABU

Facilitating collaboration, bringing technical expertise and growing a brand representing sustainable innovation and optimal resource use. HABU® stands for HIGHER AND BETTER USE.

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4 Responses to New Milestones in Tennis Ball Recycling

  1. A very interesting project. Amazing what can be created once some thought is put into a project. Wishing you luck for great success with this recycling initiative.

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words. Please keep following PGB and supporting us in any way you can, including by spreading the word about our project!

  3. Great projects you’re involved with and on the “cutting edge” of tennis ball recycling. Good causes, environmentally sustainable, and low costs. I’m proud to be donating tennis balls to help in a small way.

  4. virginia schulze says:

    Creative analysis . I am thankful for the info ! Does someone know where my business can get a template a form document to edit ?

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