Project Green Ball Awards Green Ball Certificate to Wellesley Country Club

Project Green Ball awarded its third “Green Ball” certificate of recognition to the Wellesley Country Club in Wellesley, Massachusetts, for donation of 10,000 tennis balls to PGB.  Wellesley Country Club recently passed the 10,000 ball donation level by contributing 2,400 additional balls to PGB, thereby bringing its total to 10,050 balls donated to PGB. Special thanks to Dave McNaughton, Director of Tennis at Wellesley Country Club, for his continued support of PGB.

PGB will award Green Ball certificates of recognition to facilities donating 10,000 balls to PGB and, periodically, Green Balls for other notable contributions to PGB.  The Longfellow Club, in Wayland, Massachusetts, and Pine Brook Country Club, in Weston, Massachusetts, have each previously received Green Ball certificates of recognition.

In addition, Wellesley Country Club has agreed to host a Project Green Ball collection bin.  Instead of throwing out their dead balls, patrons of the club can donate their balls to PGB by dropping their balls in the collection bin.  Wellesley Country Club is the tenth club to host a Project Green Ball collection bin.

If you are interested in participating in Project Green Ball, please reach out to to learn more about the program. Project Green Ball, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation whose mission it is to recycle tennis balls into second surfaces.  Once Project Green Ball collects and delivers 200,000 tennis balls to our turf manufacturer partner, IGK Equestrian, they will donate an equestrian turf to a therapeutic riding center for people with disabilities.  Currently, PGB has collected over 110,000 balls.

Green Ball Certificate awarded to Wellesley Country Club

Green Ball Certificate awarded to Wellesley Country Club

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