Bio-degradable Overgrips!

We recently learned about a really cool new environmentally conscious, bio-degradable tennis product that we want to share with members of the Project Green Ball community.  Own The Zone’s (OTZ) EcoGrip is the world’s first bio-degradable overgrip and is available in tacky or smooth.  The company reports that the grips break down naturally in one year.

In terms of playability we saw no difference between the EcoGrip (tacky or smooth) and other comparable, thicker overgrips on the market.  Grip price is competitive with other non-bio-degradable overgrips.

OTZ believes that tens of millions of overgrips are used and discarded annually from tennis, badminton, squash and racket ball.  According to OTZ, “traditional overgrips are made out of polyurethane, the same material used to make heart valves, foam cushions and skateboard wheels. Just like heart valves the grips are made to last, resist erosion and not break down in the environment. They are not bio-degradable.”

“EcoGrip utilizes new technology in polymer chemistry to enable EcoGrip to be the first eco-friendly sports grip products on the market,” says Julius Stockfish Co-President, Own the Zone. “Not only does EcoGrip feel and play like the very best overgrips on the market, but when replaced and discarded it breaks down rapidly in the ecosystem. No other hard wearing, abrasion resistant polyurethane material has ever done that.”

We love that there are other innovators in the tennis industry who are developing environmentally conscious solutions to address the large amount of solid waste produced by the tennis industry.  We encourage other tennis players interested in the environment to purchase the OTZ EcoGrip and to lobby tennis manufacturers to adopt more environmentally friendly manufacturing methods and product stewardship initiatives.


OTZ EcoGrip (brown - originally white) decaying in a compost pile next to traditional neon colored non-bio-degradable overgrips

OTZ EcoGrip (brown – originally white) decaying in a compost pile next to traditional neon colored non-bio-degradable overgrips


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