Project Green Ball Collects Over 100,000 Tennis Balls

In just over one year since commencing collection efforts, Project Green Ball has received donations of over 100,000 tennis balls.

Recent donors include: The Longfellow Club (1800 balls), Wightman Tennis Center (450), Belmont Hill School (250), Pine Brook Country Club (1450), Longwood Cricket Club (918), Tri-Valley League Tennis Teams (100), The Adirondack Club (350), Bosse Sports and Health Club (1600), Worcester Tennis Club (1260) and Manchester Bath and Tennis (125).

Currently, PGB’s ball collection efforts stand at 103,606 tennis balls, representing donations from over 45 clubs, teams, schools, tournaments, camps, leagues, individuals and the USTA New England.  Donations have been received from Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Florida.  This summer PGB exhibited 10 separate occasions at Boston Lobsters and Philadelphia Freedoms home matches and at the International Tennis Hall of Fame Tournament, educating the public about recycling tennis balls. Over 20 volunteers participated in the exhibitions.

Project Green Ball is a sustainability initiative to recycle used tennis balls and to donate surfaces based on the recycled balls to programs for people with disabilities. Once PGB delivers 200,000 balls to our equestrian turf manufacturer partner, IGK Equestrian, they will donate a ball-based riding turf to a therapeutic riding program.

Notable contributions to PGB this past year include Wilson Sporting Goods facilitation of shipping for 20,000 tennis balls to our equestrian turf manufacturer and The Longfellow Club’s contribution of over 11,000 tennis balls.  Longfellow received a “Green Ball” certificate from PGB for its donation of 10,000 balls.

This past year PGB was also been fortunate to receive a seed grant ($500), a Disney Friends for Change grant ($1,000) and an ABC Summer of Service Award ($1,000).  The funds from these grants helped PGB maintain and operate the program.

If you are interested in participating in PGB or donating balls to PGB, please send an e-mail to


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2 Responses to Project Green Ball Collects Over 100,000 Tennis Balls

  1. More Balls arriving tomorrow from Wayland Swim & Tennis Club….

  2. Thanks! We love you guys!

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