More More More Balls! Project Green Ball collection tops 65,000 tennis balls

Thanks to the Cohasset Tennis Club (1,250 balls), Longfellow Wayland (750 balls) and Natick Racket Club (450 balls) for contributing balls to Project Green Ball!  The usual suspects are to be thanked – Elaine Cosseboom and Bud Schultz at Cohasset, Phil Parrish at Longfellow and Sheila Weinstock at Natick Racket Club.

The donations bring the total number of tennis balls collected by Project Green Ball to 65,607 balls.  PGB is about a third of the way towards achieving its goal of 200,000 balls.  Once PGB collects and delivers 200,000 balls to our equestrian turf manufacturer, our manufacturer will contribute a turf to a therapeutic riding center for people with disabilities and life threatening diseases.

With the spring tennis season around the corner (optimistic, aren’t we?), please keep PGB in mind for your dead tennis balls.  We are especially eager to receive ball donations from high school and college teams.  Please reach out to us at if you would like to participate in Project Green Ball and donate balls to the effort.

cohasset tennis club   TLC_LOGO   NRC_LOGO

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