Dana Hall School Installs First Tennis Ball-Based Equestrian Turf

In late August, the Riding Center of The Dana Hall School, located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, installed the first tennis ball-based equestrian turf.  The turf was manufactured by IGK Equestrian and includes around 7,000 ground tennis balls provided by Project Green Ball.

After receiving balls from Project Green Ball, IGK Equestrian grinds the tennis balls:

Then creates a pre-mixture of the ground tennis balls and IGK Equestrian’s soil:

Then the balls and soil are fully mixed to create IGK Equestrian’s “Grand Slam Footing”:

And finally, the footing is laid out in Dana Hall’s arena and ready for use:

We hope this is the first of many ball-based equestrian turfs which prove to be a feasible way to recycle tennis balls.  Your comments and thoughts on the turf are welcome.

If you are interested in helping to collect tennis balls, please contact us at info@projectgreenball.com.

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